Girlfriend For a Year - Girlfriend for a Year

What is Conscious Relationship?

Millions of people are looking for 'the one'. You may well be one of them. While there are different ways to enjoy relating with others, many people are driven to seek the traditional 'happily ever after'; an individual who can end all our searching, struggle and loneliness; the unique person we can journey on this planet with to help us make sense of the chaotic world we are thrown into.

We bond with people for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes, it is simply that we recognise ourselves and like what we see and feel when we are with this person. This is often how we form friendships and, unsurprisingly, we may meet these people because we are mixing with souls from similar beginnings and similar circumstances to ourselves. Within this mix, we may be unconsciously drawn to people who have similar sensitivities and needs - often from similar patterns of childhood 'wounding'.

Conscious Relating

However, there is something we can do about this. It is through disconnection that we get hurt, so it is through connection that we can heal. And it is in relationship that we get hurt and likewise in relationship that we can heal.

Most of what attracts us to another person is unconscious, which is why becoming conscious is vital for our healing. In doing so, the relationship can blossom and become the place of deep love, passion, connection and healing that it always has the potential to be.

When we 'grow up' we think we are adult, but in truth most of us are still carrying our wounded child within us, and that child reacts quickly to anything resembling danger from their childhood. True adulthood comes once we recognise that we must take responsibility and care of our wounded child. This means being mindful that every time our body reacts, a part of us is in the past. It is important that we press pause and release these feelings from our body, so that we can breathe and return to the present.

We are the only ones that can do this, that can be mindful of this, mindful of what we project and of what we put into the relationship space. This is how we create safe space between us and how we ultimately keep both ourselves and our partner safe. This is how we learn about true love, without projection or blame. But, in the words of Carl Jung:

'There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.'


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