Girlfriend For a Year - The wounded Child

Julia Chi Video Interview

(Please click 'Play' on the video below to watch me being interviewed.)

'My book 'Girlfriend for a year' is about Conscious Relationship...

'Everyone has a wounded child within them. Even the most caring and well intentioned of parents won't recognise of meet everyone of their child's needs - because they have their own wounds ( and needs)...' 

In this video, I read a section from GFAY and then speak a little about how we can take steps to heal the wounded child within us, so that we can be fully present and conscious in our adult relationships.

If you would like to buy my book please click "Girlfriend For a Year".

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Girlfriend For a Year
Girlfriend For a Year
Girlfriend For a Year
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Julia Chi Video Interview
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Julia Chi Video Interview
Girlfriend For a Year
Julia Chi Video Interview
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