Girlfriend For a Year - Girlfriend For a Year

Julia Chi Video Interview

(Please click 'Play' on the video below to watch me being interviewed.)

'My book 'Girlfriend for a year' is about Conscious Relationship...

In it I offer ideas and practises to help you relate consciously and openly, in a way that can ensure all of your relationships are safe and connected...

We got hurt in relationship when we were little, and it is in relationship where we can heal.

In GFAY I share my own relating with Anadi to help demonstrate how easily we 'shut down' and turn away from what we all truly yearn for, and how we can stay open...!

I asked Anadi to interview me about 'Girlfriend for a year'; in the dialogue with him I talk about keeping the space between one another as safe as possible.

This way the relating can deepen and we can learn to truly understand and know the other, as well as feeling heard and understood...

This way we discover that relationship is about becoming whole ourselves, rather than hoping that someone else will complete us.

It is about becoming conscious in relating and thereby discovering yourself.

If you would like to buy my book please click "Girlfriend For a Year".


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Girlfriend For a Year
Girlfriend For a Year
Girlfriend For a Year
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